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Advanced Allergy & Asthma, PLLC. is an allergy practice located in Rockville Centre, New York. Ellen Epstein, M.D. started the practice in 1986. Dr. Epstein treats all allergic diseases including asthma, allergic rhinitis, cough, eczema, allergic skin disease, urticaria (hives), angioedema, insect allergy, food allergy, sinusitis, drug reactions, eye allergy, cosmetic allergy, immunodeficiency, allergy immunotherapy, and administration of Xolair, a new anti-asthma injection.

For more than twenty years, Dr. Ellen Epstein has been treating adults and children in the Long Island, New York area who are suffering from asthma, hay fever, sinusitis, insect allergy, medication allergy and allergic skin conditions. She teaches at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. She is also on the staff at South Nassau Communities Medical Center and Franklin Medical Center.

Dr. Epstein’s office, Advanced Allergy and Asthma, PLLC., has morning, afternoon and Saturday hours by appointment for your convenience. We participate in most insurance plans and also accept most major credit cards.

If you suspect you may have allergies or asthma, our office can facilitate an early appointment. We can do complete testing for some patients on the same day. The office also administers the flu shot beginning in October for all ages. Other vaccines including pneumonia, hepatitis, tetanus, measles and chicken pox are available. Our office staff will help make your visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

The office also administers the new H1N1 shot.

Our Mission

Dr. Epstein is committed to improving the quality of life for children and adults who suffer from allergic diseases. 

Appointment Information

We are currently accepting new patients. The office is conveniently located in Rockville Centre, two blocks north of Sunrise Highway and the Rockville Centre LIRR station.

Office appointments are available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Appointment Time

You should allow at least 2 hours for your initial appointment especially if allergy testing is performed.

Forms Needed

Having your current insurance information verified and referral from your primary care physician (if needed), patient information sheets filled out and pertinent medical records available prior to your appointment time will expedite the check-in process. We have provided all information sheets needed at your first appointment on this website. You should download them from this site, print them out, fill them in and bring them with you for your appointment.

Allergy Testing

Routine allergy testing can be performed within the allocated appointment time provided you are not currently taking antihistamines. Specialized allergy testing including antibiotics, drugs, stinging insects or other biologicals can not be performed at the initial visit unless prior arrangements have been made with our testing nurse (not front office staff). Serum or blood testing for allergens may be drawn or ordered at your initial visit even if you are on antihistamines. Results of blood tests may take up to 2 weeks depending on the laboratory used for your insurance plan.

Please refer to the following list of medications to stop prior to your visit so that testing may be performed. You may need to consult with your primary care or other prescribing physician about the appropriateness of stopping any medications.

The list of medications can be found here.


We are committed to seeing patients as quickly as possible. We are often able to give you the same day appointment for emergencies.




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