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Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps are sac-like growths of inflammed tissue lining the nose or sinuses. The symptoms of nasal polyps may resemble a cold.

You can have small nasal polyps and experience no symptoms. Severe or larger polyps can obstruct the nasal passages as well as sinuses. Symptoms include:

Runny nose
Mouth breathing
Constant stuffiness
Postnasal drip
Reduced or complete loss of smell
Facial pain with/without headache

Those with the following conditions are more apt to have nasal polyps:

Chronic sinus infections
Hay fever


• Nasal steroid sprays may help with nasal blockage or runny noses, but symptoms return if treatment is stopped.
• Corticosteroid pills or liquid may also improve symptoms. 
• Antibiotics should only be taken if there is a bacterial sinus infection.
• Allergy shots may help if there is an allergic cause of the polyps. 

Biologic Medications are now available for the treatment of patients with Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyposis

Consult with Ellen Epstein, M.D. to help evaluate the possibility of nasal polyps. Evaluation may include nasal endoscopy, CT scan of the sinuses, and allergy testing. Treatment then can be initiated to relieve your symptoms.

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Lovely Doctor. Made me feel very comfortable. She was very thorough. Highly recommend.
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Dr. Epstein took the time to understand what my problem was and even asked me if she answered all of my questions. She outlined what the causes of my hives could be, explained what the work up would be, but did it in a non-alarming way. I was extremely anxious and she reassured me. She also called me back as soon as the blood tests came back and even though she wanted me to be further evaluated for my thyroid, she was reassuring. Friendly and professional. Staff very welcoming. I’m impressed. Wonderful experience and nice change from experiences I have had before.
Jessica M
I was treated by my primary care doctor for a viral infection, which has been getting worse. I was extremely upset, as I have a vacation planned. My cough was severe and I had a fever, so I used Zocdoc and got an appointment right away. The wait time was about 10 minutes and Dr. Epstein determined that I need an antibiotic and a different inhaler. She actually took me off of the over the counter medication that I was taking, and that really helped. I can't believe how much better I feel this morning. The office staff was extremely well informed and pleasant. I definitely will be using Dr. Epstein again.
Sari S
The doctor was amazing and caring. The office was nice and all the help was accommodating.
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Dr. Epstein has been the only allergy doctor who has been able to help me! She is very caring and conscientious!
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