Sinusitis is the inflammation of the sinuses which can be caused by infection. This includes viral, bacteria or fungal infections.    

Symptoms of acute sinusitis which can occur if an upper respiratory infection hasn't improved in 7-10 days include:

Loss of smell
Cough, which worsens at night
Headache (pressure-like pain behind the eyes, a toothache, or overall facial tenderness)
Nasal congestion
Sore throat
Postnasal drip

An infection caused by a virus or bacteria can cause sinusitis. Allergies, as well, can cause sinusitis.
When there is no proper drainage of the sinuses, sinusitis can occur.

Consult with Ellen Epstein, M.D. to determine the cause of your sinusitis. These symptoms may require antibiotics, decongestants, prescription nasal sprays or steroids in severe cases. Skin testing is indicated for further evaluationn of symptoms.



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